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  • What is TECP?
TE Command Post is designed to save traffic exchange users oodles of time and fills a real need for regular traffic exchange users. TECP also acts as a HUGE traffic exchange downline builder.

TECP allows members to see credit balances, texts and banners for their traffic exchange accounts on site and gives them quick links to login to the exchanges and manage their ads all from one place. In addition, members can set min and max credit levels and the system will email them daily reminders whenever they're low on credits or when they've got heaps to assign.

  • I don't know where to start. Do you have a Tutorial?
Yes, you can find it here.

  • Where can I see my current memberlevel?
You can see your memberlevel right there on the home page, right below the Welcome message.
  • When do you send the daily TE Alerts?
Daily TE Alerts are sent to upgraded members at midnight pacific.
Not sure what this means in your time zone? Click here

  • What do you mean with "Breached" in TE Alerts?
It means the credits assigned to those URLs are lower than the minimum setting that you set for them under "TE Alerts". You can edit your settings by going to the "TE Alerts" page.
  • Parts of the site don't work properly for me?
It sounds like you don't have javascript enabled.
Here is a site which will show you how to activate javascript for your browser:

Also ensure to whitelist us in add-ons like NoScript and AdBlockPlus.

  • Isn't it a security risk to provide our login details?
Good point, worrying about security is always good!

There's no risk though, we never actually see or store your login details.

When a member of the TE Command Post service requests that a web site(s) be added to their "TE Command Post", we will ask them to provide their login details to the web site(s). We do not, nor will not, store provided passwords anywhere. When the login details are provided, TE Command Post will send the login details to the script of the TE in question. The script then sends back a valid or invalid response to validate this user's credentials at the site. The password is immediately discarded after validation.

When a TE Command Post user successfully validates their login credentials at a web site(s), they will not be asked to supply them again by TE Command Post. We mark the users account as validated.

  • What happens if I change the password on one of my exchanges?
We don't store your traffic exchange login details in any way, we only need them once to verify your TE account.
Therefore nothing happens at all here at TECP if you change your TE passwords.

  • What's my TECP referral id?
It's the same as your TECommandPost username.
To find your referral id for TECP, click on "Promo Tools" from the main page in TECP, then note the referral URL at:

Your Affiliate Link:

The "username" part in it is your referral id and the whole URL is your referral link.

  • How Do I Remove My Account?
If for some reason you no longer want to hold an account with us, you can remove yourself by logging in and clicking here. You will need to enter your username to confirm removal.
You will also need to login manually to your Payza account and cancel any subscriptions you may have with us as we can not do this and Payza will keep sending us the money.
Please note: Once your account has been upgraded for that month we are unable to refund any monies, so do not forget to cancel that subscription should you delete your account.