TE Command Post - Add Your TE

TE Command Post is not only a GREAT way to build your membership using our unique Downline Builder System, but it is a great service for your members too.

If you would like your traffic exchange listed on TE Command Post please click the links below but first...

PLEASE NOTE: TE Command Post is designed for use with Manual Traffic Exchanges only. We cannot accept applications from auto/manual or autosurf exchanges.

ALSO NOTE: TE Command Post does not scrape your site for info. This is why we have a script to download. We do NOT approve of scraping. Our aim is to encourage your members to login to your sites more often, increasing surf activity, income and affiliate commissions. Don't forget, we are Traffic Exchange Owners too! The TECP script purely gives your members access to view their credit, text, banner and (in future) commission balances here on TECP and prompts them to login to your site whenever they need to surf, assign or buy more advertising from you. The system is designed to help owners and members alike by increasing activity in all participating traffic exchanges. We respect your privacy and the script does not and can not download any other information.

That's it, no more red tape, now adding your traffic exchange to TE Command Post is easy. Firstly, you must become a member of TE Command Post. Once a member, you will be able to fill out the owners application.

If you require more information about how we communicate with your script, what data it collects, or the security of it, please read our owners document.