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  • How do I start?
First you have to sync your accounts on the Sync page

Once done you need to surf at least the core exchanges at the same time, plus guest exchanges if you want to use any of them.

So to CommandoSurf make sure your browser is set up to use multiple tabs. Then just open the Core Exchanges + the guest exchange(s) you want to use in seperate tabs and surf one after another and the Commando Surf bonus should become and stay active after 1-2 minutes. You will know when the CommandoSurf messages in the surfbars change to ~"x% Bonus Active".
Note, if there is a second bonus showing as inactive then this second one is only for upgraded TECP members, it does not affect your basic CommandoSurf bonus.

If it does not become active after some minutes then login to TECP, go to the Traffic Exchanges page and ensure the RefIDs for the Commando Surf exchanges are entered correctly.

  • I get a Error 32 message, what do I do now?
Sorry for this.
This is caused by our background script being out of sync. Simply reload the entire sync page and try again.